Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Queries, queries, and more queries...

Whoops! First of all I want to apologize for the double post on the query list! It was an accident and since I'm new here I don't know how to undo the accident - if that's even possible.


I have been digging deep into query land... not a very pleasant place to be, but something we all to master at one point or the other. If I'm honest I love the challenge and I have met many different characters who challenged me succesfully. It's just a lot of fun to grow and see your own progress in your writing. I love it, I breathe it, I live for it. That's why I would like to present my query to you and hope you can give me some advice.

Here we go:

If you think life as a teenager is tough, try it as a witch in disguise.

All seventeen year-old Zora Amaris wants is to be average. She hates keeping secrets from her “ordinary” friends, when it comes to being a witch. Talking about her magical abilities would take a huge weight off her shoulders. However, her family has protected their identities for generations, especially after witch hunters murdered her father, and she’s not in a position to tell. What she hates even more is her oh-so-promising future. Zora’s eighteenth birthday will align with the Blood Moon, a once in a century thing, which will boost her powers exponentially. It makes her feel even further from average, and very alone.

Without warning, her powers run out of control only weeks before the big day: she freezes rain in the air, totals her car in slow motion, and can’t tell the difference between dream and reality. Keeping the family’s legacy secret is almost impossible now. Nothing would be worse than exposing her powers to a witch hunter, which is exactly what happens when she falls in love with Trystan Chayse. She can’t resist him, since he knows her secret and she can be herself. His ancient clan, the Order of the Institoris, is on to Zora and threatens to slay every witch on earth. When Trystan turns against his own to protect her, their bond grows stronger and alienates them from their families.

Now Zora has to choose between Trystan and her family, or find a way to unite them. But that won’t stop the Institoris. After Blood Moon she’ll be the only witch powerful enough to protect her family – even if that means giving up her dream of being ordinary.